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How we might work together

I am based in Southern Orange County, CA. I can provide services virtually, or in person if you are within a roughly 30-minute commute. If you are an organization or school district looking for training/coaching in California, I may be able to provide my services in person to you, or in a hybrid fashion.

Just connect with me, and we can see how we might be able to work together.

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  • Assistive Technology Evaluations: I can provide full AT evaluations for most individuals. Let’s chat about the situation to determine if I am the right person for you.
  • Assistive Technology Trainings: I can provide trainings on a large variety of AT topics, such as Adapative Equipment for Early Inclusion, or Tools for Independent Living. Contact me to discuss your training needs.
  • Training and Coaching: I can provide 1:1 training and coaching on implementing Assistive Technology tools for you and your team, so that the tools are being fully utilized to help meet your goals.
  • Early Inclusion Facilitation: I can provide coaching and training to a preschool or daycare and the family, to facilitate the inclusion of your child with a disability, as well as help them create a universally designed setting to include ALL children with disabilities.
  • ElderTech Advisor: I can provide training and coaching 1:1 or in a group to assist elders in learning to use the technology tools available to maintain an independent life style.


D. Drennan working with a client

Each service I provide has a different fee structure, depending on if it will be done in-person or virtually. They are dependent on location, as well as type of service.

I work with school districts, and other organizations, and can also be paid privately. Contact me to discuss services needed and fees.

If you are a self-determination client of a Regional Center, check with your caseworker about receiving my services.