Everyone has gifts. Everyone belongs. With the right adaptive tools and support, everyone can thrive.

For over 20 years as an assistive technology specialist, I have been working with clients of all ages on their path to Enabling What’s Possible.

If your household is struggling with a disability or age-related concerns, you may wonder "what's next?"......

I am here to help you navigate the "what's next"

ElderTech, Assistive Technology, and Early Inclusion Specialist

Direct assistive consulting delivered with compassion, expertise and first-hand experience. My story.


Developing a person-focused plan for obtaining and using the right adaptive tools for you

I provide information, training, coaching and evaluations for young children with disabilities and older adults on tools and strategies that can help them be heard and contribute in a meaningful way. I work with individuals, families, schools, and other organizations to ensure that everyone is aware of and trained on not just how to use the tools, but how to implement the tools in daily routines.

I'M HERE WITH YOU Every Step of the Way

I provide training on adaptive tools and strategies, consultation and coaching to teams and families looking for the right tools for an individual or who wishes to provide a more inclusive environment, and even full Assistive Technology evaluations if needed.  I can provide assistance with implementation and follow up with the team/family/individual to ensure that the tools are meeting the stated needs.

  • Assistive Technology Evaluations

    Provided virtually, or in-person, in a classroom, home , day-care or another natural setting.

  • Assistive Technology Trainings

    Trainings on specific tools and strategies to groups both virtual and in-person.

  • Training and Coaching

    Training individuals of any age with a disability and their team on specific tools and strategies to help them reach their goals.

  • Early Inclusion Facilitation

    As a certified Early Inclusion Facilitator, I play a crucial role in supporting the inclusion of children with disabilities in early childhood education and childcare programs and settings.

  • ElderTech Advice

    I provide guidance, education, and support to help seniors use technology to improve their daily lives, stay connected with loved ones, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Girl sitting in a chair. She has a disability

Eldertech Advisor

As an Eldertech Advisor, I help older adults and their families with a wide range of services, including;

  • Technology education
  • Device selection and setup
  • Digital communication
  • Health and wellness

I provide coaching and information on different tools that can be used around the home to help maintain a safe, independent lifestyle, despite any age-related issues that may arise.

Navigating Early Inclusion


I believe that ALL people with disabilities

  • Have strengths and natural abilities,
  • Which we can help nurture and empower
  • Through simple, caring, and thoughtful approaches,

So, they can

  • Be seen and feel fully-belonged,
  • Be heard and be fully-expressed, and
  • Be successful with access to the right tools and practical knowledge
That will help them lead the best self-directed and independent life.

I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to Debbie Drennan, AT Specialist two years ago.

Debbie has worked with our partner agency staff to not only introduce adaptive equipment to general education staff but also provide coaching, and technical assistance for staff learning to use equipment for the first time. She created videos to support ongoing learning for staff to reference. Debbie creates effective, hands-on learning experiences with all types of equipment. I appreciate her creativity and willingness to work to meet the unique needs of our program.

She creates a warm and safe space in which to learn and where participants feel open to sharing. She possesses a passion that is contagious and helps to prevent the hesitancy some feel when taking on new learning. She is friendly and resourceful when working with others. Debbie has proven invaluable in shifting perspectives and beliefs about inclusion. I am honored to know, work with, and learn alongside Debbie Drennan.


Inclusion Coordinator

I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm for Debbie's excellente work! Having had the privilege of collaborating closely with Debbie over the years, I can confidently attest to her exceptional skills, dedication, and creativity. We respectfully would refer to Debbie as the "Assistive Technology" Diva on our team, she sure knows her stuff! Her wisdom is infinite. And it's not only Debbie's amazing skills that set her apart, her passion and enthusiasm are infectious. Debbie has a way of motivating everyone around her. You will always have a fun experience with Debbie, she leaves you feeling positive, encouraged and accepted. Debbie is truly one of a kind! 

Susana Navarro, Program Manager


Program Manager

Debbie Drennan is a wealth of knowledge - not only about assistive technology supports and inclusive practices for people with a variety of disabilities - but as an informed, compassionate parent who has raised not one, but two, young men with different disabilities. Both now lead successful, fulfilling lives, as Debbie guided them, using assistive technology at very early ages, to thrive as fully included students and community participants.

Debbie has a way of simplifying complex topics so that they’re easily understood by her audience, whether an audience of one or a roomful/screenful of parents and educators. She always delivers with a smile and an infectious laugh. No doubt that your time will be well-spent with Debbie Drennan.

Alyssa DiFilippo, Strategic Projects Manager, 


Strategic Projects Manager

 Fantastic - I have a lot of experience, but this plethora of hands on resources was invaluable.

Anonymous Early Start Provider

Early Start Provider


Blogs and Information

Screenshot of downloadable list of built-in features for vision for iOS devices

Free Resource! iPhone Built-In Tools for Vision

  As promised, I have created my first free resource for the summer- a downloadable PDF of built-in tools on the iPhone that can help those with vision concerns.  This project was a bit more challenging than I had initially thought.  I had to consider the version of iOS that people may have on their…

Summer Happenings!

     Now that I have been in my new location for 6 months (already!), I thought I’d update you on what I have been up to, and how I will be moving forward.        I have made some great connections here in Orange County and the LA area.  I am presenting a free webinar with TASK on…
person legs showing under a bunch of moving boxes

Exciting News for 2024!

As I look back on this past year, I am thrilled to have rolled out a new website, and new logo,  and do a deep dive into the realm of Early Inclusion and Universal Design for Learning.  I did not get as involved with ElderTech as I had hoped, but I was very pleased to…

My Credentials

  • Certificate, Assistive Technology Applications, Cal State Northridge
  • Certificate, Early Inclusion Facilitation, Beginning Together, CA Dept of Social Services
  • Masters in Social Work, San Jose State University
  • Bachelors in Developmental Psychology/Bachelors in Sociology, Univ of CA Santa Barbara


  • Parent of two with different disabilities- one has Cerebral Palsy, one has ADHD, both now successful, independent adults
  • Daughter of mother living with dementia