Back to School = Support a Teacher Time

It is “back to school” time, at least here in California, with many schools starting up in the next few weeks.  With the shortage of teachers, and poor funding of classrooms, it is time, I believe, to also think about how we can support those teachers that are in the classrooms- new ones, as well as seasoned teachers.  Teachers need help in making their classes universally designed, with supplies available to meet all the childrens’ needs.  We can help.

Back to School written on paper, with scissors, pencils and other school supplies around the paper.
Back to School

  For me, as I don’t have children of school-age anymore, I looked to Gofundme.  I searched for classrooms in San Jose, CA, and came up with these teachers/classrooms, looking for supplies.   We all know that teachers do not get enough money to fully supply their classrooms.  Many teach in low-income areas, where families struggle to provide the basic necessities, let alone classroom supplies.  I highly encourage everyone to consider helping a teacher out this year, and show them just how valued they are for everyone in the community. 

  Another way we, as a community, can help teachers is to consider volunteering at your local school.  Schools can use volunteers in so many ways- helping with traffic at drop-off and pick-up times, helping at lunch time to peel oranges and open those pesky juice boxes, and in so many other ways.  Consider connecting with your local school, and see how you can help.  Even just once a month can make a big difference!

  If providing materials, or time, is just not something you can do, consider stopping by and dropping off store-bought snacks or drinks for the teachers and staff to enjoy.  It is always appreciated, and an unexpected treat “just because” shows them just how valued they are.  

   As teachers negotiate a “normal” school year in the era of Covid (it is still here!), let’s show them all the love and support we can.  Let’s be the ones to let them know how appreciated they are by everyone in the community, and that we, as a community, are here for them.   I actually saw a post on NextDoor from a new teacher, setting up a new TK classroom locally, and I was able to send her some supplies to help her get started.  How are you going to help?

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