Early Inclusion Facilitator Certificate, and more!

It has been such a busy September, it’s hard to believe that it is over halfway done!  The presentation I did on “Building Your AT Toolkit for Independent Living”  with Parents Helping Parents went really well. I had great feedback, and I learned some things as well- my favorite kind of webinar!  I also have received my Inclusion Facilitator Certificate from Beginning Together https://cainclusion.org/bt/.  I went through their institute earlier this year and completed the activities to receive the certificate at the end of August.  It was a great learning experience for me, and I highly recommend those interested in inclusion for 0-5-year-olds to consider going through the institute under Linda Brault.  It was fabulous! 

Picture of childrens hands painted with colorful smiles on them.

In October, I will be doing two presentations open to the public.  The first one, “Playgroup Tips for Late Talkers” is also with Parents Helping Parents, on Oct 4 from 10-11 am. It is free, interactive, and online- come with your questions, and we can brainstorm ideas together! https://www.php.com/event/playgroup-tips-for-late-talkers/  My second presentation is with the Inclusion Collaborative of Santa Clara, during their annual conference. http://www.inclusioncollaborative.org/conference.aspx I am presenting on October 19th at 3:20, on “Storytime for ALL!”.  It is a paid conference; they still have spots to watch it virtually.  It looks like all the in-person tickets are sold out.  It seems like a great conference- excited to be included in this!  I hope to come away after learning new tips, tricks, and resources I can share with you! 

I am also working on my business in my spare time.  (spare time- HA!)  I am learning all about marketing right now, and re-examing my website from that perspective.  Look for some updates soon!

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