Eldertech and Cell Phones

I recently joined the inaugural Eldertech Advisors group, coordinated and managed by Joan Green of Innovative Speech Therapy https://innovativespeech.com/.  It is a group of Occupational therapists, Speech Therapists, Retirees, AT Specialists, and others, who are all learning and sharing helpful tips and tools targeted to helping the elderly live as independently as possible.  They have had one meeting so far (just 1!) and I have already learned some great information!  This week so far, I have learned a lot about cell phone options.  

An elderly woman with a cell phone to her ear.

Jitterbughttps://www.lively.com/phones/   This is the cell phone I tried with my mother when her dementia was in the early stages, and she insisted she needed one.  I set it up with pre-programmed numbers, and showed her how to use it several different times.  After one year, she still had not used it once, so I took it back.  It is a great phone, but I think it was introduced to her too late.

Serene HearAll amplifier  https://www.sereneinnovations.com/hearalltm-portable-cell-phone-amplifier.html This is a great tool that works through a bluetooth connection to amplify the cell phone. This can be used with an existing cell phone if it has bluetooth.  Great tool!

BlindShell Classic 2- https://www.maxiaids.com/blindshell-classic-2-cardinal-red This is a cell phone for those who may be having vision concerns.  It has a tactile keyboard, large, clear display, and can be used just by voice if needed.  Very nice!

In California, there is a program to help pay for adapted phones, called California Connect https://caconnect.org/ .  Not all products are available through this program.  However, if you do find the type of phone you can benefit from, it will be provided to you free of charge if you qualify. 

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