Free!! Summer Visual Routines and Schedules

Summer is a time for relaxing and reconnecting as a family.  Endless days of play, outdoor time, BBQs- sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  BUT, for some, it can be a time of high stress and anxiety, as the routines of the day are different, and they crave structure! So, what do you do?

Above from an Etsy shop, MyWorldInOveralls, $3 

I recommend creating and using Visual Schedules for those who need that structure.  A visual schedule stays in one place and can be referred to as the day goes on to see what is next. Additionally, they are great for those who can not read, or can not read well.   It should be reviewed every morning with those that need it, just as adults check our calendars daily, so we know what to expect.  And of course, It can be changed if a friend asks them to a movie that day- you just need to show them the change in the schedule. 

I have found several websites that offer free options for creating your own visual schedules- just download and print.  I hope these can help you and your family have a relaxing summer!  This is a website full of resources from a home-schooling parent.  Her download includes printable clocks, so the concept of reading a clock and time can also be worked on.  This is another website by a home-schooling parent.  She has created summer activity cards, as well as chore cards, for a visual schedule.  You do have to sign up for her blog to get the free download- scroll to the bottom of the page.  Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as Etsy, are always a great place to find what you need.  For Teachers Pay Teachers, you need to create an account, which is free to do, then you can search for what you are looking for, the age/grade range, the subject matter, and the price.  A quick search today found this flash freebie for summer break visual schedules.  

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