Free Virtual Webinars/Training for June!

Today’s blog will highlight some really good, free, virtual training and webinars that are coming up.  For some reason, the end of June has a lot of free training opportunities available.  All these trainings are virtual, look fantastic, and are, of course, my favorite price! Maybe I will “see” some of you at one of these!

Woman with dark hair, looking up with arms raised, with words training, teaching, coaching, learn, knowledge, skills and development above her.

June 15th “Equity in education: Pathways to Success” by TextHelp   This 3-hour event will focus on promoting equity in the classroom and removing barriers to student success. You’ll gain actionable tips and strategies to help you refuel for the school year ahead.  

June 24th “Early Math Symposium”   This all-day event will focus on family engagement, Preschool to 3rd Grade Alignment, and dynamic breakout sessions that will provide ideas and tools to support the mathematical development of all young children.  

June 28th and 29th “AAC in the Cloud-Take the Next Step” by CoughDrop This annual AAC focused, online conference will have sessions addressing a large variety of topics. The event will also include fun activities, inspirational stories, and even some fun surprises.  

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