I’m Vendorized! 

Wait, what does that mean?

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a San Andreas Regional Center vendor.  What does this mean?  

After a long process, I finally obtained a vendor number through the San Andreas Regional Center.  In California, the Regional Center system serves individuals with Developmental Disabilities of all ages.  I can provide Assistive Technology evaluations in the individual’s natural environment (within my catchment area) and train the individual and their circle of support on AT tools and strategies.  I am so thrilled to be able to offer this service!  For children 0-3 years, I will be able to introduce them and their caregivers to different tools to help them meet their IFSP goals, such as communication, access to the environment, and sensory needs.  For adults no longer served by the school district, I will be able to provide information, evaluation, and training on AT tools to help them meet their IPP goals, including employment and socialization in addition to the goals stated above.  

I am excited to be able to provide these much-needed services to this population!   Interested in finding out more?  Contact me at at.ddrennan@gmail.com, or contact your San Andreas Regional Center caseworker.   

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