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In the AT world, there is such a large variety of individual needs and tools available, that it is truly impossible to have one person know everything. I happily admit that I don’t know everything- but what I do have knowledge of is where I can get the information I need. So where do I go? The next few posts will highlight where I go to get information in certain areas.  

 Let’s start with CALL Scotland.  CALL Scotland is one fabulous resource that I use to be sure I consider a variety of tool options for individuals.  They are based in Scotland (obviously!), but the information they share is truly useful for everyone.


They have a wealth of information on their website.  One of my favorite areas of the website is its Downloads area, the “App Wheels”.  In the center of each spoke of the wheel, they list a type of tool, and then each spoke has several options to consider.  They have guides for android iOS, and Chromebooks, highlighting tools in a variety of areas, including communication, reading, and writing.  These are great tools when exploring tools with an individual, to see which tool works best for a certain task.  It really helps remind you of what is available, so you can think about the different features of each tool and what might be most appropriate for the individual who may benefit from that tool. I encourage you to take a peek at the website and explore all the wonderful resources they have available.   

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