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I’m a bit late sending out my weekly blog, as I had surgery on my ankle this week.  It will be several weeks of non-weight-bearing on my ankle, and I must say, I am so grateful that my home is already accessible, and has the tools I need to get around independently.  I truly do not know how I would be doing otherwise.

Left leg wrapped in surgical dressing and splints, propped up on pillows
Leg wrapped in dressing, propped up on pillows

The most helpful item for me has been my knee scooter.  I do not have the arm strength and balance required to manage crutches.  I know this from previous attempts at using them!  Once I knew I was going to have this surgery, I looked on Amazon and ended up with two knee scooters- one for inside, and one for outside.  

Of course, with knee scooters, you need to have a step-free home, with wide enough doors to get around.  Thanks to my son Jon, who uses a power wheelchair, our home has a ramp to get in, wide doorways and hallways, and an accessible bathroom.  

 I am not yet able to take a shower or bath until I get my hard cast on- but I am appreciating the fully accessible bathroom.  The grab bar, placed next to the toilet, has been a true blessing for me for transfers.  Plus, we have a lovely bidet, and we have touch faucets in there as well.  When I can shower, our shower has a hand-held shower and is large enough for me to sit and shower in it.  I can’t wait!  

Many of the items I mentioned can be purchased on Amazon or your local hardware store.  As for the ramp, here in California, we have a program called Ability Tools, that can loan you a temporary ramp if available and needed.  

Someone once said that everyone, at some point in their life, will become disabled, even if temporary.  It is my time now, and I will keep you posted on the tools that were helpful, and any adventures I have once I can start moving around my community. 

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